Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Unique Challenges

One of the unique challenges coaching presents is to make all members of a team FEEL valued while at the same time making sure the top 8 players or so get most of the reps. At the college level this means about 6 to 8 kids don't see much time...though there still is 40 minutes to find some time for kids. At the high school level (32 minute games), we practice with about 18 kids between our varsity/JV teams...this means about 8-10 kids see limited or no varsity time. Unlike college, we do a have a JV team for kids to participate on, but it's not uncommon for kids to feel "left out" during the week as the head coach is trying to prepare for the upcoming opponents.

Being a JV player may be one of the most trying positions to be in...I know, I too was a JV player. What I didn't realize at the time was what a privilege it was for me to simply be healthy enough to play at all. I made a team in the program...there were kids who got cut, who are injured, disabled or not skilled enough to be on the team. It's so easy to take our teammates, coaches, parents and just health in general for granted. We all need to keep an attitude of gratitude as we walk through this life.

In high school basketball, there are 160 minutes of playing time to distribute between our players. By comparison, soccer has 1320 minutes available to spread around. Again, basketball presents unique challenges. I am thankful our girls are so understanding and accommodating. It's tough being on varsity but not really playing much. Our coaching staff truly appreciates your commitment ladies. Just like my own experience, your turn will come. We need you now and especially the next couple of years. Stay positive, have fun and keep getting better. You are very much a valued part of the Lady Broncs!! Good luck this week vs the Beavers.

Coach Albert

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