Thursday, September 23, 2010

It was a P.R. day!!

Frenchtown. Wednesday. September 22. 3:00 pm. The Broncs came and the Broncs excelled!!

95% of our runners ran personal best times for their high school cross country career. The day was perfect. The course was ideal and the time of the season was suited for a day of personal records (P.R.). We had kids drop not just multiple seconds but multiple minutes!

Both boys and girls teams were outstanding. I was so proud of them all. Their hard work has really begun to pay off. Most of our kids are underclassmen, so the future is very bright for Hamilton Cross Country! Since most of you who read this blog are friends and family, you'll be happy to know that Easton set the all-time fastest freshman record at 16:39...beating the current record by 24 seconds! Not bad for a little bug like E:)

Congrats Broncs. Let's go cut some more time on Saturday!

Run fast.

Coach Albert

Thursday, September 2, 2010

And they're off...

Tuesday, August 31st was the beginning of the 2010 cross country season. We competed at the Butte Central Invitation held on the golf course at Fairmont Hotsprings Resort. It was a pretty good day. Our top 5 boys were only seperated by 1:10. This is good for a team with no blazing fast runner. It shows our strength in TEAM. As we improve our times and even lower our seperation time...look out!

Both our girls and boys teams are young but enthusiastic with some real potential for excellence. We had 3 kids in the top 20. We are already hungry for tomorrow's meet in Ronan.

Remember runners to get a lot of sleep, water and good calories. The sky is the limit if we remember two things this up everyday and work hard, and compete in every meet.

Go Broncs!!

Coach Albert