Monday, September 7, 2015

Movie List for Leadership Studies

Teaching a new class this year: Leadership Studies. One of the requirements is a weekly movie review over movies that demonstrate dynamic leadership and good character. Below is our initial list. We will undoubtedly add to the list as we go...

1 Glory (R)                                              
2 The Last Castle R
3 Gladiator ®
4 Survive and Advance (doc)
5 Braveheart (R)                                      
6 The Patriot (R)
7 Invictus (PG-13)
8 Saving Private Ryan (R)
9 Miracle (PG-13)
10 Schindler’s List (R)
11 13 Days (PG-13)
12 Lincoln (PG-13)
13 Apollo 13 (PG)
14 Glory Road (PG)
15 Seabiscuit (PG-13)
16 Amazing Grace (PG-13)
17 The Mission (PG-13)
18 We Were Soldiers (R)                          
19 Master and Commander (PG-13)
20 Crimson Tide (R)                    
21 The Hunt for Red October (PG)              
22 Unbroken (PG-13)
23 Secretariat (PG)
24 We Are Marshall (PG-13)
25 A Few Good Men (R)                           
26 The Power of One (PG)
27 The King’s Speech (R)                       
28 Hoosiers (PG)
29 "42" The Jackie Robinson Story (PG-13)
30 McFarland U.S.A (PG-13)
31 Bonhoeffer (PG)
32 Chariots of Fire (PG)
33 The Great Debaters (PG-13)                   
34 Bridge Over the River Kwai (PG)
35 The Iron Lady (PG-13)                          
36 Hotel Rwanda
37 Dave (PG-13)                                        
38 Gettysburg (PG)
39 Finding Forrester (PG-13)                       
40 Freedom Writers (PG-13)                       
41 Twelve Angry Men (PG)
42 Dead Poets Society (PG)                       
43 Taps (PG)
44 Courage Under Fire (R)                       
45 The Queen (PG-13)                               
46 Black Hawk Down (R)
47 Band of Brothers (Series)
48 Men of Honor (R)
49 The Last Samurai (R)
50 Patton
51 Twelve O’Clock High
52 Moneyball (PG-13)
53 The Endurance
54 The Guardian (PG-13)
55 The American President (PG-13)
56 Cool Runnings
57 Searching for Bobby Fisher
58 For the Love of the Game
59 An Officer and a Gentleman 
60 Lord of the Rings (PG-13)
61 Visionquest 
62 Victory
63 Brian’s Song
64 Patch Adams

Monday, April 6, 2015

Two Lady Broncs Make MT-WY All Star Team!

Congrats to Taylor and Jaylee for being named to the Montana All-Star team that will compete against the Wyoming all stars this June. They were selected as top 10 players in the state of Montana. Ashley got to play in this game after her senior year. It is quite an honor and a lot of fun! Both girls made the Class A all state team for the second year in a row (Taylor's 3rd) and Tales also won her second Gatorade Player of the year as Montana's best female girls basketball player! Congratulations Ladies! Thanks for all you have done for our program and God bless you in your future playing careers!

Montana-Wyoming Article
Great senior teammates!

It started a long time ago with these two:)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Party Like it's 1984...Win Like it's 2015

Lady Broncs win it all!
 Thanks to all of you who were able to make it to the tournament(s) and those of you who supported from afar. It was a magical season and especially a magical night March 7th 2015 in Hamilton Montana when the Lady Broncs led by their 8 seniors won the second state basketball championship in school history...the last one 30 years ago in 1984.

Nothing like a fire truck ride for the local state champions!
So proud of our girls and their families. Very happy for our community as well. It was incredibly special to win it at home in front of them!
Shay, Carlie and Ellie..The other 3 senior who contributed SOOO much! .
Ellie and Carlie always had to peek around the darn head coach just to watch the game:)

All-tournament team

Joyful McKayl...had great tournaments back to back.

Kali was 11-11 from the line in the state championship game!

Tales...always on the attack!
Bri...always relentless at both ends!

Wrap up article

All-State article

Happy New Year

JAKE Court looking fresh!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

2014 Cross Contry

Might be the best picture we've done!

The boys are off to a good start. We've won our first three meets and took 14th at Saturday's Mountain West meet. With the way Tanner and Jacob are running in particular have really given us a chance to do something special again this season. Looking forward to seeing what these boys can do!

How about these beauties?

Our girls also won two meets and ran well yesterday at Mountain West...finished as the number 2 class A team! I am proud of how they are getting stronger as a team and have really committed to running together. I am really rooting for these girls to trophy at state!

On a side note: We have a record 24 seniors out for this year's team!!

Go Broncs!

Coach Albert

Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's been awhile...

It's been a very eventful 2013!! Below are some pics from the last year. I am currently starting my third week of the 2014 cross country season. We are looking good. We have a chance to trophy in both boys and girls at state again this year. If our boys stay healthy, we could possibly repeat...a little luck won't hurt either:) The pic above is our T shirt design for this year. We establish an identity as pack runners last year and it served us well...we will commit to it again this year.

Carla and Kaurie painted our home court (Jake Court) last summer. It's actually getting some more use than normal. Weather has been beautiful here in the well as Thompson Falls, seen below. We went to the cabin about 4 times this summer...always a special place.

Jaylee and I spent a good share of time at basketball camps and tournaments this summer. She played very well at Lady Griz Camp and was contacted by Coach Selvig a few days later. She had a legit chance of earning a scholarship to Montana but they only had one available and that went to another well deserving player from Helena. After competing on our Montana Hoops team in July, Jaylee was contacted by the coaching staff at Seattle Pacific University. We later met with the staff for a campus visit while we were at the point Guard College at UW. The camp was fantastic but the highlight was the full ride offer Coach Heisey made to Jaylee the day before we left. After considering other offers from Tech, MSUB and especially Carroll College, Jaylee verbally committed to SPU on August 19th. Go Falcons! She will fly out for an official visit in October.

We had a very special girls basketball season in 2013-14. Our ladies won the divisional title and played for the state championship a week later. Unfortunately, we lost to a very good Havre team but boy was I proud of our girls!! We played some amazing basketball just to that far...upsetting #1 Columbia Falls in the semi-final. We will miss Sami as she has moved on to Rocky to play soccer, but we are excited to have everyone else back and see if we can't make another run at this thing...on our home floor nonetheless!

We had a terrific time with family this summer as well. Ashley took her first teaching job at Livingston Middle School as the 8th grade math teacher. Her and Gage were able to spend a weekend with us at the cabin. Easton moved to Bozeman a week after he graduated from HHS. He has two jobs and is currently attending MSU on a 4 year ROTC scholarship...he's loving it! Kaurie spent the summer in Hungary serving refugees...sounds like her doesn't it:)? We got to spend some nice time with her at home as well. She is graduating early this January from Whitworth University in Spokane with a degree in literature and a theology minor. We couldn't be prouder. God is good. He is extremely faithful. As Dave Ramsey is famous for saying, "I am better than I deserve!" I will try to keep up on my blog more this I have been reminded to get back at it by my dad:) Take care and God bless.

Friday, December 27, 2013

It's that time of year season!! We have a nice group of girls, all returning from last year's team that finished 15-6. We're hoping to have a better finish this time and have a lot of fun along the way. Check out the links below for a couple of preseason features on our team that local TV stations did. The girls are off to a 3-1 start and looking forward to getting going in the new year. We hope you had a merry Christmas and may God bless you in 2014!

Go Broncs!

Coach Albert

KECI Lady Bronc feature

KPAX Lady Bronc feature

Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 Class A State Champions!!

In 2011 these boys took 3rd, last year they took 2nd and last Saturday they dominated their way to an 81 point win to capture Hamilton High School's second boys state XC title!
What a special group of young men!

Anthony was the individual state champion! What a finish he had...followed the game plan perfectly and won going away. So proud of his discipline and passion. He was not going to be denied! Easton was a warrior holding on to 4th the entire race until the last 20 meters to finish in 5th. Cameron placed 10th, Karill placed 13th, Greg ran very well to place our number 5 runner in the top 20 at 19th! Even Kole and Tanner as our 6th and 7th runners helped build on the gap between us and second place Corvallis by placing in front of their 4 and 5 runners! The times were good, the day was perfect and our boys are champs! Enjoy the pics below. Thanks too for all of you that came to support us!

Below:  Class A top 15
                                              Four boys in the top!

The 3 troopers...staying grouped up just like they were supposed to...way to go Greg, Karill and Cameron.
Anthony Ty, beating his nemesis                                                                              from Laurel

                      Easton battling Sage.
Kole finishing strong!

Tanner passing several kids down the stretch.
Love the fire truck ride back into town!

KPAX Sports Coverage

Anthony Interview (halfway)

This will be a hard group to replace, especially seniors Easton Albert, Anthony Schmalz, Greg Beck, Sam Parker and Adam Hanson. Quality kids. Leaders and unbelievable teammates...I couldn't be prouder. Looking forward to trying to defend our title with returners Karill, Cameron, Kole and tanner. Let's do it again boys. P.S. Our girls should be a top 3 team next year as well!! Congrats to them for placing 5th out of 20 teams...terrific season girls. God bless the Broncs!

Coach Albert

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Broncs Soar at The Mountain West Classic!

The Mountain West Classic...over 2000 high school cross country runners. What a weekend for the Broncs! The varsity boys led by Anthony's 4th place and Easton's 8th place, finished higher than any previous Hamilton and probably higher than any Class A team in recent memory. The boys secured 4th place out of 59 complete teams!! We were beat by Kalispell Glacier, Bozeman and University High out of Spokane, WA. Our boys beat 55 other 4A, 3A, AA, A, B and C schools. A State "A" championship is our ultimate goal but honestly, for those who understand our sport and this event...taking 4th at the Mountain West Classic was a bigger accomplishment. I am so very proud of our team.
Our girls placed 24th, but were the #3 Class A team. I like our chances to potentially place at state in 4 weeks. We had several personal records and are only getting better each week. Kaitlin is just 8 seconds away from breaking the school record and was the #5 Class A girl to cross the finish line. Way to go ladies!!
It's all about mental resiliency and staying heathy from here on out. We can do it. We will do it!
Go Broncs.
Coach Albert