Wednesday, April 21, 2010

AZ Elite Spring Classic

We're back from Phoenix. Last weekend we played 4 games against some very good club teams from around the nation and by the end of it all it was clear to me we were a top team at the tournament. With a little better scheduling luck we could have won it all. We went 3-1 only losing to eventual champion AZ Elite (the home team) by 4 points. It was our first game and only game on Friday…at 9:00 pm no less!
We beat Oregon Elite, New Mexico Select and NBA Select (don't know where they are from) in our last three games. Our team plays terrific defense, we are scrappy and play well together. Our kids are very unselfish and appear to enjoy playing together. I was sure pleased with how far we came in just 3 practices and 4 games. By the end of July…look out!
The girls were very coachable and made my experience a pleasant one. I wish the games would have been longer so we could have gotten them all a little more playing time. It’s difficult for players who are used to playing every minute of every game, to accept a new role with a new team. I guess this was their first taste of college basketball where all teammates are good and suddenly they have to accept a role they may be unaccustomed to. I thought our team did this with class and understanding.

We head to the Portland area in July to compete in the largest girls basketball tournament in the U.S., the End of the Trail Tournament. We'll have to drive to this one but it should be a great experience with our 9 Montana kids. I know we will once again make Montana proud! Have a great spring ladies.

Coach Albert

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Sky Hoops

This is a picture of our Big Sky Hoops team from 2008. This team traveled to Phoenix, Portland, Seattle and Las Vegas seeking the exposure necessary to earn a college scholarship. We had a great time and every player did receive at least one offer to play basketball at the next level. Two of these young ladies currently play in the Big Sky Conference and two or three others will join the league next year. Two of these girls play at schools not in the Big Sky and are having a blast playing the sport they love all the while earning a college degree at a reduced expense...this is the part most parents appreciate!

This week I will be meeting the 2010 version of Big Sky Hoops. We have 8 girls right now from both ends of the state...Miles City to Hamilton. I am very excited about coaching this group. Like the 2008 team, I am confident these players will represent Montana with class and competitiveness. We have practice at Manhattan High School this Saturday and Sunday and then fly to Phoenix next Thursday for the AZ Elite Girls Basketball Tournament. The basketball is great and the weather isn't too bad either:) This is the tournament where our girls will get their first look by coaches and hopefully calls will follow.

Coaching an elite group of players is a real treat for me. The best part is getting to know quality young ladies and their parents from around Montana. I know the transition to a new coach and a new set of teammates can be tough, but it can also be very rewarding. Friendships will be formed and memories will be made. Shots will be made and charges will be taken. We will play hard, play smart and play together. Isn't this a great game?!

See you soon ladies.

Coach Albert