Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How productive are you?'s an interesting word. It can apply to so many areas of our life. How much homework can you get done in a two hour period? Can you stay focused or are you like I was in college, always wandering around, trying to find anything to do but school work?

Do you get your chores done in a timely manner or do you put them off until "later" and don't really start them until after mom has to nag you about it? How long does it take for you to write thank you cards after Christmas or a birthday?

What is your productivity like as a player? Do you make the most of your minutes or do you spend most of your time complaining about your lack of playing time? What are you doing with your minutes? Are you scoring, rebounding, playing solid defense or are you turning the ball over, soft on defense and making poor decisions? Are you helping or hurting? Are you productive?

This past game against Stevensville, my team was very productive despite not shooting the ball very well. We got key contributions from all players and our team "managed" the game very well. Our points per possession needs to increase but we are taking care of the ball and limiting our turnovers.

On a related note, I am especially proud of Ashley for her most recent "productivity" for the Montana State Women's basketball team. The Cats beat Portland State last weekend in perhaps their most complete game of the season. "Bert" was especially solid in her fifteen minutes of play...16 points, 3 rebounds, 2 blocks, an assist and no turnovers. Her field goal percentage has needed improvement, so her 6 for 8 performance was especially encouraging.

Yes, I'm bragging about my kid again. But my point is really how impressed I have been with Ashley's production as an 18 year old reserve player. Against Weber she only played 5 minutes but had 6 points and was in at the end to finish out a fairly close game. I am especially proud of her attitude and her willingness to embrace the role the coaches have laid out for her.

Like I always tell my team, every game is different. You need to be ready when you are called on. Make the most of your time. There are a lot of people out there who'd love to be in your shoes. Be productive.

Coach Albert

P.S. Check out Bert on the MSU website in a short interview after the PSU game.

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