Monday, May 3, 2010

Cross Country: Did you know?

7 reasons to come out for the Team...

1. Did you know cross country races are 3 miles long? Most races are run on scenic golf courses and historic parks. The best weather in Montana is consistently in the fall – coincidently the same time as cross country. Think about it.

2. Did you know that seniors who complete the cross country season automatically letter whether or not they’re on varsity? There is a place on our team for students of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Think about it.

3. Did you know the cross country season is only 2 months long? This short 2 months could help you control your weight, get in shape for other sports and teach you a great lifetime activity. Think about it.

4. Did you know cross country is fun? Doing something you never thought was possible is very rewarding. Being supported and encouraged by teammates and opponents alike is an event experienced by few high school athletes. Think about it.

5. Did you know if you’re not out for a fall sport like football, volleyball, cheerleading, or golf that there is a place for you on our cross country team? Take a challenge and do something to keep fit next school year. It’s important you participate in something next fall. Think about it.

6. Did you know the cross country team has gone from 17 kids Coach Albert’s first season to as many as 54 in 2007? Come out next fall and help us be the biggest and best team in the state. Let’s break 60. Think about it.

7. Did you know all who come out for cross country get to participate in every event? It’s not just a select few that get to compete. If we have 60 kids out, then 60 kids get to participate in each race. Think about it.

2010 Cross country season starts on August 16th
Happy running!