Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summertime Improvement

I'm headed to NBC in Spokane this weekend with about 8 Hamilton middle school girls. (I've done this before:) We have a very bright future because of all the time these girls are puting in. I sure hope all of you hoopers are puting in the driveway time. Let's not wait 4 more years
until we play for a state title again. In fact, we have a chance to be quite good next year, (maybe play for it again on our home floor) but we have to keep getting better. Shoot, shoot again and
then shoot some more!

All you's only about 3 weeks away until we start...get some miles in now. Be sure to be recruiting. I think our numbers may be down so we'll need your help to get more kids out. We all know what a great atmosphere our team has, let's share that with as many people as possible!

Have a great rest of the to you soon.

Coach Albert

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