Saturday, July 11, 2009

It was a good June...

GBB: Well we were able to play 9 games in the month of June, practice 8 times and hold a 4 day camp for up and coming Lady Broncs. This is not as much as we've done in the past but it was very productive and a lot of fun. Our summers are so busy anymore. The second week of June I was down in Billings to watch Ashley play in the Montana vs Wyoming game...the good guys won both!
We took 7 high school girls to Bozeman and stayed in Coach Faris' cabin and played 4 games in 3 days. We really shot the ball well but because of our lack of practce and because the other teams were so polished at this point we didn't fair well in the win column but the things we struggled with will be easy to correct during the season.
I'm sorry if many of you were unable to come. I got very little contact from players once our calendar had been handed out at the end of school. We took the players who were coming to practices. I know communication is difficult in the summer so that is why I'm now on Facebook and posting this blog...I hope it helps:)
Anyway, I hope all of you are getting to individual camps and puting in some driveway time. Remember it is aleays about skills...not playing in tons of games over the summer. I hope to see many of you commit to Fall shooting in the mornings before school. I am convinced this is why we played for the state title last year...and can again this year on our home floor!
I am headed to NBC individual camp at the end of the month with several 7th grade girls...great camp if you want to go.

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