Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wish it was this clear!!

Photo by: Jay Silveira

Last Saturday the Corvallis XC meet was canceled, forcing us to drive to Polson. Everyone is experiencing smokey conditions but nothing like us here in the Bitterroot. The beautiful mountains pictured above cannot be seen right now...even the river from this distance is tough to make out! Pray for rain! Below are the results and a small story from the Missoulian. We are hoping to compete at everyone's favorite meet on Saturday...the Mountain West Classic in Missoula. Again, pray for rain, or wind. It could possibly be canceled...but we're holding out hope. Stop by the U of M golf course on Saturday by 9:30 to see the biggest meet in the northwest. See you there:)
Coach Albert

Pirate Duels
At Polson, the Hamilton boys and Corvallis girls captured the team titles at the Polson Duels.
Hamilton’s Easton Albert finished the three-mile course first in a time of 16:16 to lead the Broncs to the team title. Kalispell Glacier was second and Corvallis was third.
Morly Jessop of Corvallis was second in 16:44 and Rueben Castren of Glacier was third in 16:46.
Hamilton placed second to Corvallis in the girls’ race and Glacier was third.
Bigfork sophomore Makena Morley won the girls’s race in 17:31. Sadie Henderson of Corvallis was second in 19:12 and Claudia Hewston of Polson was third in 19:59.
At Polson Fairgrounds
Three-mile course
Team scores: Hamilton 89, Kalispell Glacier 62, Corvallis 50, Polson 29, Bigfork 13.
Top 15 individuals
1, Easton Albert, Hamilton, 16:16; 2, Morly Jessop, Corvallis, 16:44; 3, Rueben Castren, Glacier, 16:46; 4, Anthony Smalz, Hamilton, 16:52; 5, Cameron Meikle, Hamilton, 17:12; 6, Logan Morley, Bigfork, 17:13; 7, Karill Apedaile, Hamilton, 17:17; 8, Kade McCutcheon, Glacier, 17:18; 9, Noah Hill, Glacier, 17:32; 10, Greg Beck, Hamilton, 17:45;
11, Logan Harmon, Glacier, 17:51; 12, Travis Hayes, Polson, 17:58; 13, Tanner Olson, Glacier, 18:03; 14, Sam Parker, Hamilton, 18:18; 15, Tel Motichka, Polson, 18:20.
Team scores: Corvallis 90, Hamilton 79, Glacier 44, Polson 38, Bigfork 22, Phillipsburg 11.
Top 15 individuals
1, Makenna Morley, Big Fork, 17:31; 2, Sadie Henderson, Corvallis, 19:12; 3, Claudia Hewston, Polson, 19:59; 4, Kaycie Stewart, Corvallis, 20:06; 5, Jenny Smith, Hamilton, 20:25; 6, Jessica Chery, Glacier, 20:41; 7, Isabella Pape, Corvallis, 20:47; 8, Sara Amish, Hamilton, 20:51; 9, Rachel Wissenbach, Corvallis, 20:55; 10, Taylor Gogo, Hamilton, 21:04;
11, Kaitlin Stromberg, Hamilton, 21:10; 12, Sarah Del Ree, Hamilton, 21:11; 13, Chelsea Olson, Bigfork, 21:13; 14, Hanna Smith, Corvallis, 21:23; 15, Lakyn Conners, Corvallis, 21:37.

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