Monday, September 3, 2012

A very special day!

August 18th

It was a very special day! My oldest daughter Ashley married Gage Brumwell at 7:00 pm at First Presbyterian Church of Missoula. It was kind of sureal walking my oldest down the isle of the church where Carla and I were married almost 24 years ago to the day:)
It was a beautiful service highlighted by the pastor's message of faithfulness to each other and especially to the Lord...and a special song written and performed by Gage's dad Larry. I know the song really touched both Ashley and Gage.
The reception was held at the Harley Davidson building where there were three terrific toasts made to the bride and groom. Kaurie had most people in tears during her heartfelt tribute to her sister. After the formalities, it was time to dance...what a blast! (I had to chase everybody out at 1:00 am or I think they would have danced til dawn:)
Sunday was spent cleaning up. It took over 4 hours but we had awesome helpers. A special thanks to Tom and Janet, Dana and Tami, Larry, Chris and Blake, Judy and Gale and Carla. Gage's aunt and uncle were amazing during the reception as well. Really enjoyed meeting the Brumwell family!
Ashley and Gage will make their home in Bozeman...literally. They are building a house as we speak! Ashley has 2 more years of school and basketball while Gage is working his tail off about 60-70 hours per week. Keep them in your prayers and stop by and say hello or watch a game when you are in Cat Country.



  1. You guys all look like a million dollars. I especially like the smile on Papa Mark's face that only a wedding could bring.

    1. Thanks T. It was a special day...and a good chance to buy a new suit:)
      Miss you buddy.