Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's been awhile...

I'm here at Whitworth University with my 9th graders...likely my last NBC Camp. It's been a terrific week. The girls are in league one playing against 7 other varsity teams. We are currently 4th and will try to win the league tourney tomorrow. I love this place. Whitworth has fond memories for me. It seems like a long time ago now that I was last here with Ashley's was only 3 years ago!

Kaurie will be attending Whitworth in the fall. We are so proud of her and are excited for her to experience the campus as a student and not a camper:)

Easton had a wonderful experience at the US Military academy last week. He is now convinced a West Point future education is for him. I have every confidence that he will make it a reality!

Ashley's team won the Big Sky State Games championship last weekend in Billings. She scored 19 and hit the game winner. She relayed to me how good it is to be back on the court...she didn't realize how much she missed the great game of basketball.

This weekend is Kaurie's last divisiona swim meet. It is in Hamilton and should be a good meet for our senior swimmer...and hopefully for Carla, the meet organizer!

Life is good. God is great. Enjoy the rest of your July!

Coach Albert

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