Wednesday, March 10, 2010

End of an era...

Dear girls,

Over the past four years, we have really seen the Hamilton Lady Broncs program excel and become one of excellence and tradition…the highlight being our appearance in last year’s state championship game. During this four year period, our teams won a combined fifty games and competed with class and character in every contest. I feel our teams have done a superb job in representing our school and the community of Hamilton. It has been an absolute privilege to be your coach.

Unfortunately, I will have to watch future Lady Broncs from the stands and not from the bench. I have decided to step down as head coach. I will have both a son and daughter in high school over the next five years and another daughter playing college basketball. I’m going to be pulled in too many directions and will be unable to devote the kind of time necessary to help next year's team be their best and support my four kids in their activities. In short, I need the freedom to be a better dad.

I have coached basketball at some level for the past 22 years…stepping away from a program and students I love is very difficult. Perhaps the most difficult part is the loss of potential relationships I could have with future players. I do want to stay involved somehow, but I simply need to concentrate on being a good parent, husband and teacher right now. This decision is a tough one for me and may be tough for some to understand, but I know it’s the right thing to do.

Coaching high school basketball is a tough job, tougher than most realize. It is my part time job that consumes me on a full time basis. That being said, being a coach is also one of the most rewarding positions one can hold. I was truly blessed by players, parents and fans these past four years and hope to one day return in some capacity to help the program continue its winning ways.

I look forward to supporting next year’s version of the Lady Broncs. I have no doubt they will carry on our core covenants of Sportsmanship, Tradition, Unity and Competitiveness. Go Broncs!


Coach Albert

P.S. I want to especially thank Coach Faris for his unwavering support and wisdom over the past four years. I have never worked with a finer assistant or a better man. If he chooses to apply for the head coaching position, I know our players will be blessed and our program will be in excellent hands.

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