Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The best of days...the worst of days.

Last Saturday, February 27, 2010 was like the title suggests, the best of days the worst of days. No, nothing tragic or serious happened. However, the 2010 Lady Broncs' season ended with a heartbreaking loss to Dillon. I was sure proud of my girls. We battled back from 10 down at the start of the 4th to take a one point lead with a minute left. Unfortunately, we were unable to make free throws to secure the win. Our kids had a solid tournament but were again plagued by shooting woes. We missed at least 8 lay ups against Frenchtown on Thursday and despite a solid shooting performance from Cookie on Saturday, or team percentage was still less than 25%.

If I could point to a couple of skills we missed most from previous seasons it was our ability to shoot the basketball, make free throws and last year's team really had a "feel" for the game. That being said, this year's team could have taught previous teams a thing or two about taking charges and offensive rebounding. Boy was I proud of our effort in these categories over the weekend. We took 9 charges between the two games and out rebounded both opponents.

Sorry it didn't work out ladies, but again I was very proud of your effort and progress this season. I had fun and enjoyed coaching you. As most of you know, there are no guarantees in basketball or life. I was bummed for us last week but it could have been worse. We could have been like Livingston, ranked #1 in the state only to lose Saturday night and Monday night by a combined 2 points and have our season end in extreme disappointment. Thank you. It was a very successful season in many ways!

Saturday was also one of the best days for our family...especially for our new Bobcat family. The Lady Cats defeated the Lady Griz in Dahlberg Arena for the first time since 1977! Ashley played 16 of the first 20 minutes as Sarah was in foul trouble and held her own in front of what might be considered her home least it was her parents' home town:) Sarah dominated the second half and Katie Bussey was amazing hitting two clutch threes in the last 2 minutes to secure the win. Katie was 6-10 on that's what I call a shooter! (I wonder how many hours Katie has put in to become that type of shooter?)

Good luck this week Lady Cats and good luck in the Big Sky Tournament. Unfortunately the Lady Broncs won't be participating in the State A Tournament here in Hamilton, but now I'll be able to watch Ashley and the Cats make a run at getting into the NCAA Tournament...WOW!

Coach Albert

P.S. Saturday also marked the 42nd birthday of my best friend Carla. Happy Birthday Sweetie!

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