Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nothing like adversity...

Well, Saturday was the largest meet of the year...The Mountain West Classic in Missoula. Over 2000 runners participated! The meet was dominated by schools from Spokane. The #7 ranked girls team in the country, Shadle Park won the team title overwhelmingly. We were a distant 29th...primarily because yours truly had the team start slower than normal. This is a terrible strategy considering the number of athletes lined up for this race. We had to come from dead last to even place as high as we did. Great job girls.

Ahh, adversity...the weeds, the dead branches, the pot holes of a sports' season. Despite being disappointed in our overall performance and my own dereliction of duty, this situation, like most adversity required some weed pulling, pruning and pot-hole filling. There's nothing like adversity or disappointment to help a team and its coach get refocused. It provides some motivation to really excel, to refine goals and to challenge ourselves to meet potential. Good stuff! I can hardly wait for our next meet here in Hamilton.

Go Broncs!

Coach Albert


  1. Weed pulling, pruning and pot-hole filling...Love it! It isn't how you act, it is how you react and specifically how you react to adversity because everyone on every team is going to run in to adversity sooner or later. Good post coach!

  2. Thanks Coach...we're doing a lot of weeding right now:)