Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cars...A Love-Hate Thing.

The "Skin-mobile," as Ashley's teammates call it is our new addition to the stable of vehicles we seem to be collecting. For those of you who don't know, Ashley was in a "minor" car crash this winter. No one was hurt except our little red Plymouth Neon. It wasn't Ashley's fault but the insurance company of the other driver has refused to pay for repairs. Unfortunately the repairs will cost more than the car is worth. we'd still like to get it fixed but that is another story.

While we were in Billings for Kaurie's senior Raddison Classic basketball tournament we decided to look for a "junker" car for Ashley that we could pay cash for with our recent tax return. This 1989 Buick was the only one we found. My first reaction was "what an ugly car!" Since purchasing it however, "Ludwig," as Kaurie calls it, has really grown on us. Easton and I have been driving it a lot lately, since Ashley needed to take the red truck back to school to use as a moving vehicle.

As you can tell from the pictures (and if you know me at all) I love nice older cars and trucks. I keep them clean and actually enjoy washing them...if only my kids did!
The problem with liking cars like I do is they cost way too much purchase, to $$fuel-up, to maintain, license and insure. With 5 drivers now in the family, you can imagine what our auto insurance is like! That's right, Easton Albert is now a licensed driver. When you see one of the vehicles above around town with a freshman toe-head behind the wheel, head the other way:)

Coach Albert

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