Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hamilton Lady 8

The Hamilton 8th girls AAU team is rocking tournaments in both Montana and Washington! Last month we took the girls to Moses Lake WA to see how we compared to some of the best of the west. We found out we have a long way to go to be great, but we found out we already have a head start:)
We took second to a team from the Tri-cities area. A team with a record of 54-2! We competed and definitely got better.

A couple of weeks ago we took our team to Butte and played 4 AA all-star teams and went 3-1. We were definitely the best team in the tournament that had all girls from the same school. We were the talk of the tournament...primarily because of our ability to shoot the three and competitiveness despite our obvious lack of size. As I've said many times before, there is simply no substitute for shooters. In 4 games, we hit 25 three pointers!

We have taken a couple of weeks off and are now getting back at it. We go to a tournament in Anaconda on the 12th...the first of four in a row. We will finish off our season in Spokane the first weekend in April.

I am so glad I resigned from the varsity position this year. It truly worked out for the varsity girls...Kaurie in particular. She had a terrific senior season in spite of contracting mono. Coach Faris was the right guy for the job and I was the right guy to coach these 8th graders. We're having a great time, getting better and are really committed to each other. We have a goal to win multiple state titles and so far the girls are doing the necessary weight training, ball handling, shooting and specific skill development activities to help insure this goal will become a reality. I am very proud of them! (as if you couldn't tell:)

Easton had a solid freshmen season, Jaylee is really playing well, Kaurie made second team all conference and Ashley is 3 months ahead of schedule on her rehab! Basketball is good:) God is great!

"If you don't invest very much then losing doesn't hurt and winning isn't very exciting."

Coach Albert

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