Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Be totally committed...

What does it mean to be totally committed? This applies to both daily life and of course basketball. Today at practice we worked on our half court defensive responsibilities. Several of our players knew where to be...as in when it was necessary for them to help when a teammate got beat. However, none were willing at this point to totally commit to taking a charge. Granted, this is a difficult and challenging skill, but it really does simply require a player to sacrifice themselves for the good of the team.

Commit to doing whatever it takes to get better, to make your team improve. Do the little things. Commit to making the jump stop, to making the extra pass, to talking on defense, to crashing the boards, to blocking out and to encouraging others. Commit to leading by example and putting the needs of the team ahead of your own. Finally, commit to being the most excellent teammate you can be. Take the charge!

We are...the BRONCS!

Coach Albert

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